Chongqing Dontop Optics provides various custom-made high precision optical components and opto-mechanical assembly, at reasonable prices, with reliable delivery, for a variety of applications, in all sizes and all shapes, serves many customers with stable quality.
We have all necessary inspection tools to guarantee every specification to be met. Cut, rough grind, fine grind, polish, edge grind, coat, cement, blacken. Eevery production procedure passes strict quality control.
Lenses include Singlet Lens, Achromatic Lens, Aspherical Lens, Plane Window and so on. Prisms include Roof Prism, Right-angle Prism, Paul Prism, Penta Prism, Half Pentagonal Prism, Cube Prism, Wedge Shape Prism and so on. Products also includes Reticlues, Cylindrical Lenses, Beam Splitters, Mirrors and Filters.
Dontop also cooperates with other Chinese optics OEM manufacturers to supply one-stop service to customers with saphire and crystal and other products.
If you need production quantity optics, you are welcome to contact us with your drawings or samples or specifications and challenge our unrivalled competitive edge.
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